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duffgirl78 Posts: 160
Hello wollies, I am looking for some help with my wedding cake. I am not really into cake and wouldnt be having one at all only for my H2B insists on having 'something to cut' on the day, so I refuse to spend €400 on that. I am buying the pre-iced cakes in M&S and am looking for icing decorations to put on it or pink icing that I can cut shapes out of. I know I can put fresh flowers on it but would like to try something else. If anybody know where I could buy anything at all like this, it would be great. *)
scarpetta Posts: 11
Decobake in Clane prepare all manner of cake icing decorations. You could buy some pink colouring and colour your own icing and decorate to your own taste
duffgirl78 Posts: 160
Thanks for that. Just had a look at their website, it looks very promising *)