Calculate how much water you should drink!

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Mae Posts: 229
Just reading my Now magazine and found this ... r/6289.asp You enter your weight and how much you excercise and it recommends how much water you should drink a day!
anagiggles Posts: 107
I thought the 2 litres I drink every day was enough, according to this I need 3.5 litres a day :shock: Will try it and see how the scales in WW look after 3.5 litres every day :wink:
Mrs. H Posts: 35
Hi going to do the same - Thought I was doing well but need to drink 3.25 litres - either too much or too little exercise!
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
girls not thinking how much kg in a stone please, still think in stones & no scales here thanks
Dippy Posts: 63
What is
Mae Posts: 229
I think 10 stone is about 65kg, in or around that anyway
Mrs. Allie Posts: 275
to go from lbs to kgs multiply by 0.45
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Thanks Mrs Allie
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
10 glasses a day! I'm very good if manage 5/6 :shock:
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
We are all getting the same :shock: im also 3.5ltrs I do drink 2 to 3 ltrs a day(well excluding the weekends) Its enough,i read somewhere that you can actually drink too much water