California Spray Tan - anyone tried it.

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misfitz Posts: 370
Has anyone had this spray tan going to get it done this week at Coogan Bergin. Just wanted to know how it turned out.
maidmarian Posts: 280
i find the calafornian the most natural of the sprays tans & if you moisturise well every day it lasts a good while.
misfitz Posts: 370
great, thanks a million maidmarian.
justme Posts: 1700
mine was nice for a couple of days but found it went very patch on my feet especially then again it was my first time so maybe i didnt look after it properly
happyb2b! Posts: 27
I always get it, its so natural!
shiraz Posts: 770
Very natural and doesnt have that orange/tangerine look :wv
moonb Posts: 31
I've tried this once before and loved it, I can't find anywhere around dublin 15 that does it. Does anyone know where to get it done?
Roro07 Posts: 7
I've had it twice in the self operated booth thingys, it looked MUCH better the second time, I think because I washed it off in the shower after three hours. If very you're pale put the barrier cream on your whole face before you tan. It's less orange than St Tropez, and I've been topping it up with holiday skin moisturiser. Been looking natural for three days now. I'm trying to road test a few ove rthe next few months. Have you tried any others?
Dublin Girl Posts: 109
hi there unfortunatly i had a terrible experience with it. But to be honest, i think it was down to my skin type not taking to it, or else it must have been a dodgy batch from the salon :o0 . I looked like an ompa lumpa, and it took aages to come off (in patches). It has stained my nails for weeks afterwards. I've now decided to go with Sunfx as it suits my skin better My advice, get a trial first and make your decision there :wv
SaJa Posts: 4282
Myself, my 3 BMs and my friend got it done for my wedding. It was the worst tan I ever had done. We all got it applied on the Tuesday and on Wednesday, no one had any colour. Mine washed off in the shower. Went back to salon and owner told us it was either a lotion we had used or we all had strange skin (WTF, all 5 of us couldn't have strange skin). She also told us that a tan can't make you got physically darker than your own skin colour will allow. Total sh*t. My sister is a beautician and she said it must have been a really bad batch and it was badly applied. Went back on the Thursday to get the whole lot re-done and by the wedding on Friday, I still had no colour really. Should have just used my own tan. Would never get it done again. We got more of a tan standing around getting our photos taken on the day.