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Sin16 Posts: 236
I am looking to do calligraphy on my invitations. I want to write the names on our invitations using calligraphy. Has anyone had any experience learning how to? What materials did you use? Can you use a marker calligraphy pen or are you best to use a nib and ink? Any info would be great!
E.Rose Posts: 188
Hi there, A nib pen is neater. The marker type an be a bit chunky and can also fray at the edges after a while. Another option is to get a bottle of ink and a dip pen, this opens up options regarding colours, the pens with the cartridges seem to only come in black or blue, but the advantage with the cartridge pens is there is a continuous flow of ink, for the dip pens, it's harder to control the flow of ink. Hope this helps :) best of luck with it, the hand made touch is lovely :)
Galgirl1 Posts: 48
I have just written my invites using oyster grey ink instead of black that I got in the pen corner in Dublin on Dame Street and a Parker calligraphy set.It had one pen with 3 different nib sizes.
Sin16 Posts: 236
Managed to get my calligraphy done..bought a set in easons ans found a tutorial online. Much easier than I thought .
annamay Posts: 53
Any pics?? I am thinking of doing his would love to see how it turns out!
E.Rose Posts: 188
Another tip: if you're left handed; turn the page 90 degrees so that its perpendicular to your body and draw the letters sideways, with each line coming towards you, instead of the usual hand writing lines left to right; this will avoid smudging the ink and also allow you to hold the nib so that its at the correct angle to achieve the desired effect for the chosen fonts