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SmileyCat Posts: 45
Anyone else getting married in August '08. I was planning on looking at dresses after Christmas but from viewing other topics some girls marrying in July '08 already have there's.
Spanish Bride 2b Posts: 778
Hey there! I'm getting married in August 08 and I ordered my dress last month. I won't get it back now til around April. Have you started looking yet? :wv
SmileyCat Posts: 45
Haven't started looking yet, I thought I had loads of time but reading this forum has scared me into thinking I really need to get moving. Do you think after Christmas is too late?
marlog1 Posts: 10
I'm about to book Aug/Sept '08! Nothing at all done yet! Haven't even looked at dresses, or ANYTHING!! The venue and church are available for these dates, but I haven't booked them yet. Can it be done? We don't want to put if off past August/Sept '08 :ooh
rop Posts: 1453
have a look at the Offical August 08 thread and youll get more info - id say you will be fine waiting untill after Christmas - the worst thing you can do is panic and pick a dress just for the sake of it - flick through the mags and if you see anything you like keep it in mind.... i am being very relaxed about the whole thing - been to about 10 places so far and still plan on seeing about 15 more (so far) :o)ll
SmileyCat Posts: 45
Hi marlog1, I would booking the church, church music, hotel and bands, photographer now as I've noticed alot of these things were already booked up for August '08 when I started looking. Even if you pre-book some until your sure of your date it should be fine. Alot of them will however look for a deposit up front. Even the priest. Good luck :compress
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Here's a link for the other thread :wv
Spanish Bride 2b Posts: 778
You still have plenty of time to get your dress. I only got mine so early because i knew it was "The One" from the moment I tried it on. If I were you I'd start looking at dresses to see what styles you might like and maybe make appointments in a few stores to try some dresses on and see what suits you. You'll still have loads of time after Christmas. If you haven't manage to book your reception and church I'd look into doing that first. Even though I'm not getting married in Ireland I know from other Wollies that these get booked up pretty quickly.
superbride08 Posts: 67
I am also Aug 08 havent even thought about dresses yet...but i made some appoitments today...I cant wait now...October 22nd so thankfully not long to wait! :o)ll
MrsDoyle Posts: 663