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Finished here Posts: 2860
Does anyone have PCOS ???? - I would really like to start a support link here. It took me years to get a diagnoses mainly because of the mixed and embarrasing symptoms but now i know what it is, i am battling to overcome the symptoms i.e. weight gain, hersuitism, lack of energy etc If anyone else has experience, tips, ideas etc roll them out ! So far I've started Dianette, this is meant to help control Hirsuitism and skin problems associated with PCOS but sometimes causes other probs, weight gain, heavier periods, ;lack of libido etc .... I've also been prescribed two different slimming tablets xenical and reductil - neither worked ! Why ? because the problem is insulin imbalance - So now i follow a low GI diet - I havnt lost any weight but I havnt gained any either Happy days. Laser Hair Removal - I had all the recommended treatments and apart from the chin none of the other hair has grown back much, now I only have to pluck a hair here and there except as i said the chin ! If anyone else has experience let the rest of us know e.g. Anyone had children ? How long did it take ? Anyone gained but lost the weight ? Mood Swings ? Hirsuitism ? Have you suffered ? Have you found natural remedies ? Anyone suffer any other Symptoms ?
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
Another PCOS sufferer here!...excellent idea to start up a thread. I think there are alot of women out there with it who don't know they have it, and a lack information too. I was diagnosed last year, but I pretty much suspected it for a long time. Af went off kilter when I was 16, and apart from the times I was on the pill I didn't have an AF at all. I was about a size 10/12 in secondry school but the weight gradually increased up to size 22, now I'm 18/20. I'm on glucophage and it has helped with some weight loss (we're talking three quarters a stone - not fantastic but better than nothing!). But I do feel much better on it energy-wise. Weight is just an on-going battle for me. I'm on other medication aswell that causes weight gain so if I look at a bar of chocolate side ways I'm in trouble. I lost a total of two stone in the past year, but most of that was lost in a couple of months...and put up half a stone after the wedding! :-8 I was super strict and kept to low GI and low everything...The dietician said I actually wasn't taking enough calories in and I needed to go slower - half a lb a week! So maybe by the time I'm ninety I'll be back to a healthy bmi! :o0 I don't have the hirsuitism, or acne, and I'm on Dianette which I blame for reduction in libido! I also have major PMT! Two of my sisters have it too. One of them has the hirsuitism, and the other has had awful trouble with acne, but both are can't win! One of my sisters had her two boys without any intervention, although she has mc-ed twice and it took quite a while to get pg. The other sister took yrs to get pg with her first and had her second with the help of clomid. Mood swings... :o0 Well, I have bipolar disorder so it's difficult to say! I was in hospital last feb for a complete work-up as I was having extreamly heavy periods. The Consultant told me that my ovaries were in pretty bad shape but that after three months trying naturally he would put me on clomid and that I 'vud haf lots of ze baybes!' (he's German!). We're not ttc at them moment, but it's good to know what's wrong now, so I can get used to the idea, and know that we probably won't have a baby that easily. To be honest I got quite down about it at the time, but now I'm alot more positive because I understand it better, and I understand the whole insulin thing alot better. My GP gave me a blood glucose monitor which was really good in showing me where I was going wrong (e.g. skipping lunch and eating more later). Alot of people swear by complemtary therapies. I haven't tried any yet but wouldn't rule it out. I've read a few books about it and the one I would recommend is The Ultimate PCOS Handbook: Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, Clear Skin and Restore Self-esteem by Colette Harris, Theresa Cheung. You can get it on Amazon. HTH. :wv
Finished here Posts: 2860
Wow its really good to hear from someone in the same boat. I've had all those tests too and been told that fertility will be a problem etc etc but theswe i tackle one thing at an time ! I will check the book out though thanks for the tip !
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
hi there i posted this in TTC but website hope this helps
Finished here Posts: 2860
Thanks I'll check that out too, every little bit helps :thnk
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
Bump! Anyone else with PCOS? Any tips?
jodicodi Posts: 95
Think this is a great idea, Ive just been diagnosed via blood tests. I was told after having a scan 6 years ago that i may or may not have pcos as i had enlarged ovaries and had a 5cm cyst, so after years of do i or dont i, i have finally been given a diagnosis. I have a 3 yr old girl who basically took 5 yrs to concieve, i say this but i wasnt really ttc, myself and dh were of the opinon that if it happens it happens if it dosent it dosent so thankfully it did when i got engaged, so wedding was postponed until last september. We would love to have more children but now with pcos its going to be difficult, I have a massive weight problem in that if i eat one meal a day or 3 or 6 i still stay the same at a size 22, this has recently bothered me cos i couldnt lose any weight for the wedding so went up the aisle a fat blob, not how i wanted, but i was deliariously happy getting married. So the doctor said to me on friday that i may have a underactive thyroid but sent off another blood sample to be sure, she said the 2 often go hand in hand cos theyre both hormonal based. So because of my weight she said that if i lose weight in the nxt 6 months she will refer me to a specialist for metaformin?? and then go through the process of tryng to concieve, she said that consulants will only prescribe this if i make an effort to lose weight!! So after a night shift last night i hit the town this morning in search of diet books and any pcos info, there was very limited info, so the bit i did know was about hyperinsulin and the effect that has on testosterone. so i decided the gi diet may be the way to go, so i got that and a book by 2 women who lost 10 stone between them called idiot proof diet its brilliant 2 normal women with husbands and children and A LIFE so i said this is worth ago. So i decided tomorows the day the diet or lifestyle change starts. id really appreciate more info and other storys. so this condition is added to underactive thyroid, ibs,asthma and kidney problems.. a crock or what.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
jodicodi I know what you mean with the weight thing! They say that if you loose 10% of your body weight it would make such a difference, but I don't think they realise how slow the weight is to come off (if at all!) with PCOS! And with your other medical problems it must be even more difficult... Fair play to you for starting on the GI...I need to get my a*s in gear and actually weight myself (haven't done so since Christmas - too scared :-8) ...dreading it! :o0 Was very very bold...
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
Just got diagnosed last year. Only symptom I have is weight gain, actually went for tests because of problems with the Pill and got diagnosed. Have a stone on that I just cannot seem to shift. Have been really watching the diet and exercise after christmas and so far down 5 pounds of what I put on over christmas but then it just stops and goes no further (so far anyways!!) I was so upset when got diagnosed cause immediately thought I wouldn't be able to conceive. Good to know that there are women out there with PCOS that have had children. I've put it to the back of my mind and when the time comes to start trying I just figure if its meant to be it'll happen. Did anyone else find it hard to get info from their doctors? Mine was just useless really. It took reading up on it for me to calm down!
pawpad Posts: 650
I have PCOS too. A low GI and Carb diet really does work for beating the insulin resistance and losing weight. It's not easy but it does work. Thanks for the book tip Faith. I think I'll go buy that now!