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Excitingtime Posts: 321
Hi, I have just started and we are planning to have our wedding in October\November. I have decided on a purple (maybe purple and gold) colour scheme. I obviously will wear ivory but BMs will hopefully wear a deep purple with flower girls in ivory with a purple ribbon etc... Really i'm just wondering if anyone else is using a similar colour shceme and if they let me know what they are using? or where they got BM dresses etc if they have already? Or what flowers they are considering using? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I literally am just starting out and am clueless....we are living overseas too and still havent told families yet so I am a bit on my own tryin gto get things started. Thanks
CorkBride2010 Posts: 15
Hi Kilda, I just bought my bridesmaid dresses yesterday in Debenhams I hadnt orginally planned on a purple theme were having a March wedding so had planned on green. I saw these dresses and they are absoultly fab and were perfect for my bridesmaids. Im no good at attaching pictures but the last four digits of the code is 1809 on the Debenhams website if you want to take a look. (to be honest you cant get a good idea of the colour online) Having looked at magazines im thinking of snowdrop idea for flowers for the bridesmaids and mayb tulips for my own not sure yet. We have decided on a gold theme for the reception but havent thought any more into it yet. Hope this helps and best of luck with all the planning!!!!! :wv
Silent Bride Posts: 565
Hi Kilda, I just PM'd you.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Hiya! We have purple bridesmaids dresses at our wedding! Here is a link to my report my photos. Any questions, just ask :wv We got the girls dresses in Debenhams and the flowers were silk flowers
stephyb Posts: 1439
I'm having 'shades of pink and purple' as my theme. If you have a look at my photobucket [url:12luoeyo][/url:12luoeyo] you can see my bm dresses, bm bouquets (the redish ribbon is being replaced with purple) and my cake. Ignore the bridal dresses they're not the one i have lol. i'll be updating it soon with my cars, own dress, jewellery, invites, favors, and some other stuff. x
DrWhosPoopy Posts: 654
Hey Kilda :wv We're having purple as our theme, too. My BM is in a deep, cadbury purple dress which I got in Pamela scott. Our Unity candles are plain ivory but I decorated them myself with purple ribbon and stick on diamontes. In the reception venue i have a purple tablecloth for the cake table, along with ivory and purple petals (these will also be on each table) Our favour boxes are ivory tied with purple ribbon, and there are 3 mini dairy milks in each one. Have purple tea lighs, our cake is ivory with purple iced flowers... Um, think thats about it. Oh, the flowers. I'm actually having red roses for my BM and red roses and purple carnations for me. The red really lifts the purple, well, so i think anyway! ETA: We're having ivory chaircovers with purple organza sashes too.
lcarrick Posts: 1639
these are my bm dresses my reception room has like purple curtains etc. i'm wearing oyster so will get the girls silver acessories as this would be the closest.
sona sasta Posts: 585
[quote="Dr Whos Poopy":2aah9rpz]Our favour boxes are ivory tied with purple ribbon, and there are 3 mini dairy milks in each one.[/quote:2aah9rpz] Have to say i dont usually like favours but your ones sound lovely, i would love to see mini dairy milks if i was a guest, yum! Your whole colour scheme sounds lovely *)
Excitingtime Posts: 321
Can I just say thanks to all who have responded and PM'd..its really been a god send having people to bounce ideas off. I've never really used a forum like this before. And i'm going out of my mind with thoughts running around my head as we cant tell people just yet! Anyway Dr Who's poopy your's sound exactly like what I have in mind...the cadbury purple is exactly the colour I'm picturing. And I love the favours idea - even though I dont (or should I say didnt) plan on having favours! Do you mind lett ing me knnow where you are getting them or how much they cost? Also do you mind me asking where you are having your reception? And I'd love to see some pics of the purple and red bouquet if you had some? I never wouldve thought of red and purple together? I was just thinking maybe Tulips but need to look into it more. I also like the simple touches so nothing OTT and the little tea lights could be just the job. Also what is your H2B wearing? or are they blending in some way? Thanks again for any help girls!
Flowers Made Easy Posts: 188
A gallery of shots dedicated to purples and blues, Hope this helps The Weddings Team Flowers Made Easy 01 217 6100