Calling all smokey eyeaholics!!!!

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Suzanne Posts: 172
Following on from a thread yesterday about what "look" we're all going for on our wedding day there seemed to be quite a few of you who like me are slaves to the smokey eyes I thought that we could share our tips/tools of the trade! A few of mine are MAC eyeshadow in Smut, Chanel Le Crayon Kohl (pricey but has the best staying power ever) and lots of Lancome mascara. Chanel eyeshadow in Vega is also good for a more daytime smokey look too. So what are yours, I'd like to try something different??!!
Autumn Posts: 56
I just use Rimmell with mascara!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I just end up with overly smokey eyes anyway no mater what!! :) As in its not a good look at all - not the smokey eye look you are all talking about!!!!! I look like a panda! I actually cannot find a mascara that stays put and within minutes it's smeared everywhere and reattaches itself inside the big bags under my eyes! I must have really greasy eyelids or something! Is there something you can get to blot your eyelids does anyone know because mascara never stays put and I dont want big dark circles under my eyes on the big day. I saw an ad in the wedding journal about mascara that only comes off with water of about 30 degrees? Is that right? Can anyone remember the name of this mascara?
jools Posts: 261
Hi Happybunny, Not sure about the mascara you mentioned but I find the best way to do smokey eyes is to build it up gradually. Start close to the lid with a semi dark colour and just brush it up to the socket gradually. Then keep introducing more colour. I love Burjois (sp?) - they do a lovely coffee brown shadow and their mascara's are very good!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thanks jools! I like bourjois too acutally, the one with the white bit that you put on first, makes lashes oomphy!! Coupe de theatre I think (not the best at French!) I'll try the coffee one now though! Thanks again!
kazza Posts: 156
To stop the eyeshadow from slipping off,I use a liquid to powder foundation as an eyelid primer.(maybelline wonder finish) I also use revlon colorstay mascara,its a lash tint one that stays on for a few days,then gradually wears off.
Suzanne Posts: 172
Mmm, might try that bourjois shadow myself, sounds good :) Happy bunny - I don't have a problem with shadow etc going all over the place but I think that benefit have a product that helps your eye make up stay put (sorry but I can't remember the name of it but you could ask at BTs!). I always use waterproof mascara - I find Lancome Eternicils very good if thats any help to you. You can buy it on strawberrynet for alot cheaper too. HTH Suzanne