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Miss Twinkle Posts: 230
Totally off topic but just wondering if any of you can help me! I am after finding out that a teacher is retiring in our local scholl so there will be a vacancy! Just wondering when will they advertise and appoint a teacher? Am teriffied I'll be basting on my honeymoon when they interview!!!! Thanks girls :thnk
CJ\'S GIRL Posts: 60
In the north there has to be an interview to keep it all legal.
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
Hi Larabelle, schools/VECs tend to advertise in June and August,I see your wedding is the 10th of July?AS they know about the vacancy,they may advertise in June if they are allowed to fill it. Recruitment this year is going to be very different from the last few years,methinks!
smaointe Posts: 189
Just because a teacher retires they do not have to be replaced (as a principal told me). And with the amount of teachers being let go come June this position may not be filled. (sorry to sound negative but just in case it does not get advertised). Schools usually close for the whole of July so expect interviews in June and August.
marles Posts: 1397
From the perspective of Primary School.The teacher retiring will be replaced,but the main concern for any teacher this year will be that the teachers who will be on the panel will have to be placed first and then the job will be advertised. If the position is filled from the panel then it won't be advertised,other than this it has to be advertised. Keep an eye on the indo and If you are in a permanent job in primary this year and next wouldn't be the best years to move schools,in my opinion anyway because when a school loses a teacher it is based on seniority/length of service.
NemoFish Posts: 2501
There is nothing stopping you putting in a CV - this will show that you are particularly interested in that school, rather than simply applying for every random job that comes up. I think if schools know they have a position available they try to clear it towards the start of the holidays
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Definitely put in a CV for anything that may arise. Also, keep an eye on and A job has to be advertised before it's filled.
Miss Twinkle Posts: 230
Thanks so much for all the replies girls. Yes I have a permanent job but this is ca. 1hr 15 mins. from where I'll be living come July. I understand the operations of the panel. The teacher who is retiring rang me to let me know that she's retiring and that she will be replaced. We do not know if there is a teacher or teachers on the panel. I'm hoping that they will advertise sooner rather than later. My question, probably badly phrased was really do schools have the choice of waiting until August or can they act as soon as the retiree hands in the hammer!! Thanks so much for the replies girls, here's hoping I'll get sorted. :thnk :thnk
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Hi Larabelle, I know you've said you've quite a long commute but, as someone else said the next couple of years may not be the best time to move if you have a permanent job. Regarding the advertising and filling of the job, how quickly that's done is usually up to the principal/chairperson of the B.O.M depending on how relaxed they are. Some like to get it over with at the start of July while others wait until August. Also regarding the panel, I know in our school it's usually the INTO rep who checks the panel so you could go down that route to see if there are many on the panel in that area. As well as that, it may be an idea to consider how secure that position is in the long term - are there temporary teachers already in the school? Are their numbers borderline to keep the teacher as it could very well happen that the Dept will increase class sizes again. I don't mean to be negative, it's just that so many schools are losing teachers I reckon the next few years will get tougher for those at the bottom of the seniority list, so if you have it in your present school you might be better off sticking it out for a while. But, there's no harm in applying and going through the interview! Good luck with it either way!