Calling all you ladies who had fast labours on your first.

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Bananas28 Posts: 51
Hi all, :wv I'm a long time lurker here and finally decided to join up. I'm 11 weeks, due in March and super excited. Anyway, I saw a post a few days ago on M&K about the lenght of people's labours on their first and I couldn't get over the variation! I always thought that you were guaranteed to be in labour for 2 days on your first! But it seems like there was a substantial proportion of you who had quite fast labours ie. 12 hours or less. So basically I'm wondering was there any common denominator in these fast labours eg. Did u keep quite fit during ur pregnancy? Were u super relaxed when in labour? or is it all hereditary cause if that's the case I'm screwed! :o0 I'd just love to have a positive experience so i'm prepared to do anything I can along the way to help.
Tadpole Posts: 346
According to my hospital notes, I was in labour for 2 and a half hours, but there was probably another hour of labour, while I was at home. While pregnant, I did yoga and hypnobirthing, but whether the labour would have went so quickly had I not done those, who knows. But I do know if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again, I'll do both again, if it's not broke don't fix it.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
hi there, well TBH I don't think there is 1 factor involved and there is the fact that it's sth you cannot control/predict. I do know however that family history can play a part in it. If say your mam had a fast labour, then you might do also. This wasn't true for me however, my mam had 'normal' length deliveries. I got pains at 4am, nothing definite. Suppose real contractions started at about 9.30am, had DS at 13.58. I dilated super fast and was ready to push, the midwife couldn't believe it when she checked me. DS was 2 weeks early too. Towards the end of the pg, I drank raspberry leaf tea, always went for a walk. That's it really. In the hosp, I sat on the bouncey ball all the time, only went onto the bed for the last 4/5 contractions and the pushing phase. I'm hoping for such a good experience this time round, not long to wait to find out. It could go the complete opposite this time tho. I think every women wishes for fast labours, no one wants a 2 day marathon ending in c-section scenario.
mrsroo Posts: 537
Hi Bananas28 and Welcome. On my notes its says i was in labour for 4.5 hrs, however they calculate this from 3cm's till baby out. I had stayed home in early stages of labour and if i counted from when i knew i was in labour then its porb more like 18 hrs :o0 hope that makes sense. I also tried to keep quite fit and did regular yoga and swimming. You should join us on the March thread :wv
Bananas28 Posts: 51
Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I'm planning on doing hypnobirthing but must start the yoga and abit of swimming. I'm so unfit and worried that will count against me. I suppose there is an element of pot luck in it too though but I prepared to try anything. My mam's labours were all quite difficult so I'm hoping I'm not lined up for that. I hope that it all goes well for ye this time around. :thnk
kopbabe Posts: 453
Hiya, I had quite a quick labour for first time. Took pains here bout midnight, waters broke at 2 in morning, was at hospital for 3, in labour ward for 6.45 when i was 3 cm dilated and babs was born at 10.15 in morning. I didnt do anything really. Took raspberry leaf tablets for last few days beforehand. People say it cud be cos I was always so sporty but I havnt exercised in bout year so dont no bout that. My mam had relatively quick births with us but not as quick on her first. Sorry I cant offer anything else.
Emomc Posts: 2069
My first baby was born in June and I was in active labour for 4.5 hours. I did keep fit during pregancy and walked every day. I also had regular reflexology throughout, acupuncture towards the end and drank raspberry tea from 7 weeks. I also did hypnobirthing which I cannot recommend highly enough. Oh and my DD was in no hurry-she was 11 days late :o0
Maria1983 Posts: 390
To be honest with you, I think it's down to luck. I can tell you what I did, but I didn't do anything different especially for the pregnancy, so there you go... Food-wise: I didn't change my diet (I got off caffeine as much as I could and alcohol and I couldn't eat beef and McDonalds because the baby didn't like it :o0 ) and I didn't have any cravings and I wasn't "eating for 2" so I barely put any weight on. Activity: my job is very active so I was on my feet as much as I could (I'm a manager in a large store) and I only went on maternity leave 2 weeks before my EDD and he came 10 days early. Pain relief: I refused to take any for contractions, delivery, stitches and post-delivery (my advice: unless you're like me, as in set on doing it all nature's way, TAKE THEM because it's a pain you never forget!) Antenatal classes: didn't take any, so I can't say I was preparing myself for labour or speeding it up because I didn't know how to. Mom: my mom didn't have a quick labour with either myself or my brother. In fact, it was also a bit complicated because both of us had the cord wrapped around our necks, whereas my son came out perfectly fine, kicking and screaming :o0 . So basically, as far as I think... it's all a matter of chance. Edited to say: my labour lasted for 7-8 hours from the first serious pain until the baby was born or 12 hours from the moment my water broke and he came 10 days early.
RJR Posts: 962
I had a super speedy labour on my first (and a week early too!) I was active throughout the pregnancy - swam quite a bit and worked right up to a couple of hours before labour (self employed) I also had raspberry leaf tea for the few weeks before and yoga for relaxation as well The big thing was hypnobirthing though, I was very relaxed. I did it with the Kerrigan Clinic. Like Maria1983 I refused all pain relief during and after labour (had a lovely quick recovery) I don't know what my mum's labours were like as she's passed away (and my dad is a typical man would be hard pressed to remember our birth days :o0 ) but my sister's was over 24hours...
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I had a 3 hour labour. Being honest I got very lazy in pregnancy and I didnt do as much exercise as I should have. I really think my ds weight(10lbs4.5) helped him come out faster and the attitude of he has to come out someway. I did have a good few baths in the few days before as my back was in so much pain.