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april2008bride Posts: 11
We're getting married in April 2008. Just starting to get excited about the whole thing now and knuckling down to organising things. Have most of the big things booked and sorted so looking forward to our day. Lets hope the weather in April 2008 is as good as April 2007 Just out of pure curiousity I'm wondering if there is any other bride out there getting married on 18th April 2008??
Lulu08 Posts: 175
Hi, Im getting married in April too - on the 11th :o)ll :o)ll Cant wait! There are a good few of us getting married in April next year (see ) Also got lots of the big things organised, now just have to decide on the smaller things and invitaions - cant seem to find any I like, and a church singer is proving a lttle hard to pick too? How about you???? :wv
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Hi girls im the 19th the following day. Its coming upon us fairly quick now
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
[quote:2nymnhl0]Hi girls im the 19th the following day. Its coming upon us fairly quick now[/quote:2nymnhl0] Can you believe we are at the six month mark now? I really cant..looked at my ticker today and thought OMG! :eek
Deezy1 Posts: 24
Hi there April 2008 bride I'm the 19th so the day after you. Plans going grand, but everyone says once Christmas is over it'll fly in and that gives me butterflies! Going to the dressmaker tomorrow :ooh
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Your my twin Deezy 1
Deezy1 Posts: 24
That's class sintomone, have you much left to do or are you one of these super sorted wollies? Think I'm doing ok, must get paperwork out of the way soon, and a pre marraige course if we HAVE to do one! How's your plans coming along?
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Def not super organised. Got the paperwok for state oout of way and looked at invites other day. Still have bridesmaids dresses to do hopefully sat week. Most other stuff booked just waiting to pay off. How about you?
Deezy1 Posts: 24
Going to the dressmaker tomorrow so all nervous, wish my sister was going with me but we're opposite ends of the country, my SIL 2b will come with me but she can't tomorrow. My sis is keeping an eye out for a dress, she's my only BM, small wedding! We both agreed on a colour so now she just picks a dress she likes herself. A friend is doing a funky(hopefully) design for my invites. Must get on the ball with the paperwork. It's gettin exciting now!
Fiona13 Posts: 1366
Hey girls i am the 11 & 12th april he he .. reg office on 11th & blessing on the 12th....