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MyDreamWedding1 Posts: 1281
Show me your bouquets.....I want vendella & champagne roses but I cant fine any nice pics anywhere. I'd like a posie with some diamonte in it. Can I see your pics please? :thnk Is it too early for me to meet up with the florist?
joy76 Posts: 175
hi septdebs, we are getting married in aug and i am meeting with florist on thurs, i am going with gold and ivory too - with a touch of sage green
Milly83 Posts: 3620
I am not having Ivory, my dress is pale gold and my BMs are chocolate brown so I am hoping for flowers like this: [img:qpq6jdpj][/img:qpq6jdpj]
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
I'm just having Calla Lilies with a gold ribbon ... very simple - have no picture though.... I should start looking I suppose....
MyDreamWedding1 Posts: 1281
Thanks girls, suppose I should just meet the florist really and see what ideas she has.
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
[img:1tqqdnv3][/img:1tqqdnv3] There you go!! I am having something like this, prehaps with an ivory ribbon tying mine, hanging down in a bow!!! I am having a posy of Vendella roses too!!. I thought I wanted diamontes in mine, but my dress was too fussy in the end, so the florist advised me to keep it plain and simple!!! Hope that photo helps!!! :lvs :lvs
MyDreamWedding1 Posts: 1281
buskes as always you are a star :thnk
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
No problem hun, I loovvvee Vendella timeless and elegant!! It is a good idea to bring a picture of your dress and perhaps a picture and swatch of material of the bridesmaids dresses to your florist to help match up colors and styles of flowers. My florist really was fantastic with all her suggestions. I am going to bring out a swatch of material of the bridesmaids to her nearer the time , and if I can source a swatch of my dress, I will take this out to her also as I may have to go for 'champagne' roses....although I think the Vendella will be perfect. The florist thought so by looking at the pictures anyway!! :wv :wv