Calling wollies or DJ's at the RDS Wedding Fair in September

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jessica2010 Posts: 66
Hey I would really appreciate your help with this one. Myself and my H2B went to the RDS wedding fair in September and really liked the sound (pardon the pun :o0 ) and the price of one of the DJ's that had a stand there but we lost his card :-8 . Now H2B is convinced that if I get the names of the DJ's that were at the fair, he'll recognise the name of the guy we liked- though he can't think of it off hand. I think it's a long shot but you never know I suppose! I checked the Wedding Fair website, but there isn't any list of suppliers on it. So if any of ye still have the fair brochure with the suppliers list on it I would much appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks a million.
ooddles1 Posts: 273
hey found the brochure the dj's there were advanced djs flashback djs digital djs pro djs hope that helps!
blueeyes14 Posts: 207
hi girls could any of you tell me the price djs are looking for need to get one thanks,