calories aggh!

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EireScot Posts: 100
After Nadyheads almond crossaint surprise thought Id share some more I found out about over last few months, never bothered looking at calories properly until recently! one of my biggest shocks was a latte: roughly 220 :eek i just never even counted morn coffee as calories! duh! plain burgers no bread or dressing: anything from 190-350 per burger baked potatoe with bacon and cheese: 780! mayo: roughly 100 per tbls french onion soup: roughly 365 cals and of course pizza, well lets not even go there. out me off it for months! now I knew most were not calorie free of course but the amount in some things, OMG!
Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
:weep :weep :weep :weep Wish I hadn't read that!!