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Beibhinn Posts: 51
Hi girls, Went for my checkup yesterday with the consultant after my laparoscopy. I've slight endometrosis. I've a blockage so the egg can't push through the fallopian tube. I've been transferred to another consultant so he will be able to cut the blockage and the egg will flow more freely. But in the mean time while I'm waiting to see him, if I get pregnant i've to notify my consultant immediately as there can be a risk of an ectopic pregnancy. Myself and Hubby have discussed it last night and we decided to stop ttc for the moment as we definitely don't want to risk it. I just keep thinking for a sake of 2 months to what an ectopic pregancy can do - we're going to wait. I just have to keep my chin up. It will happen soon. Thanks. Beibhinn.x
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Hopefully two months will fly by for you. Think of it as all part of getting things sorted and heading towards the BFP. Good luck with it all.
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi Beibhinn, What a difficult decision to come to, well done to you and DH on working on it. A good friend of mine has had 2 ectopic pg and has lost a tube as a result. I think its a horrific experience so I really feel you've come to hte right decision. That said the waiting is hard, I hope your procedure in 2 months goes well. Keep us posted on how its going and well done so far. x sg
Beibhinn Posts: 51
Thank you swissgirl/sunnyside. I will definitely keep you posted. luv beibhinn.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi Beibhinn, Just wanted to say hi as well. Sounds like you've made the right decision though, although not an easy one. Try to plan lots of fun things to keep yourselves busy in the interim and please God it will happen straight after they clear your tubes. :wv
twinssep Posts: 1242
just wanted ti say fair play to u what a hard decision but ur right to wait best of luck
Beibhinn Posts: 51
Thanks a mill girls. I will keep you all posted. luv beibhinn
mummy bear Posts: 3824
fair play to you and dh making that decision, hopefully the next two months will fly in for you both and then you can join us on the ttc train mind yourself :xox
willthiswork Posts: 1995
On the bright side at least now you know why you haven't gotten pregnant yet so hopefully when the blockage is cleared you'll be announcing your bfp in no time!