Camping in France in Sept?

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Dootsay1 Posts: 252
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has been to campsites in France? (wasn't sure where to post this, so OT seemed best?) We are thinking of going mid-September, camping virgins, so we think we will stay in a chalet this time. I know one guy who highly recommends it, his kids are a lot older than ours, we will be going with one 3 yr old. Just wondering if the weather will be nice in Sept in France, it's mid-France rather than the South. So hoping there are other kids there for our LO to play with, as I know school will be on too. Thanks a million *)
curlysu Posts: 811
The weather can be nice in France in September, but like anywhere really, you're not guaranteed. Are you looking at the Bordeaux or Vendée region ? Usually pretty nice (mind you, this week, the weather is crap !!) Regarding the campsites, it will be significantly quieter in September (I worked a summer on a campsite near Bordeaux), the French kids will all be gone back to school by then, there'll only be the brits / dutch / irish / retired people etc. This can be good though, as access to the pool and other campsite facilities is easier.