Can a toddler have an eating disorder?

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Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
Interesting article: [url][/url]
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I know when my cousin was a baby my granny used to say she was bulimic because she'd stick her fingers down her throat and puke up her bottle. The poor wee thing was just teething and had really long fingers!! But that article is parents thinking their child will starve!! My friend will cook her 4 year old anything she wants because she's afraid she'll starve if she doesn't. Now 7 nights a week of spaghetti Bolognase could just be a cover that thats all she can cook :o0
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Reading articles like that just reminds me how lucky I am that DD eats really well for us. Not bragging or anything at all like that but she rarely refuses food and will eat everything offered to her. A problem we do have is that she will not stop eating - literally. I remember saying this to a relative who didn't believe me and thought I was exaggerating. I called over to her one day and DD had her own lunch, most of my lunch, 2 adult rice cakes, some cheese and a pear in one sitting. DD is not a big child by any standards and only walking 2.5mths or so, so it's not like she needs to eat that much.
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Personally I do think that children are being fed the wrong foods from a very young age & when they get that bit older of course they are going to refuse foods they have never had. A friend of mine only feeds her children processed foods, waffles, fishfingers, frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets etc... - all those foods are fine in moderation but soo unhealthy to be given all the time. Rocket Queen our DD would be the same as you... she has always been a good eater most of the time , H2B is a chef so she tends to have a very varied diet.. She will try anything & may not like it but she will try. To many people make the excuse that they are too busy etc to cook fresh meals but it takes longer to pop a pizza in the oven to cook that it does to make a quick an easy fish pie or pasta dish.
Ducky Posts: 2506
I freely admit that this was a paranoia for me, having watched a brother and stepson eat nothing but chips until they were 16. To my horror, my daughter went from good eater to only eating one type of dinner. Breakfast is fine, lunch is mainly finger food but I have wailed to so many about my worries that she still wants mashed goo served up for dinner. When I said it to my mother in law, she asked me what was the only thing she would eat. When I told her it had to be mashed green food - so mashed spud with meat/chicken, spinach, sprouts, peas, cabbage, broccoli and courgette - she looked at me and asked: And just what is the problem???? I think we beat ourselves up a lot. So what if she only eats that, at least it's healthy. They all usually get there in the end.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I cook all DD meals and have done from the start and she will eat pretty much anything i cook - a wide variety of meat and veg. The problem is she wont eat jars (maybe a small bit if no other choice) and wont eat food in a cafe/restraurant etc. Say i get a baby bowl if we are out she will eat a couple of spoons and then start gagging on it even thought its only mash veg and soup. Lately she is getting fussy at home with me only eating half the dinner sometimes and i find it frustrating but if she is point blank refusing i just take it away i never force her. Like most toddlers her age she is getting bored with being spoon fed so with every dinner i have to have some chopped up carrots/brocolli etc that i put on her tray for her to eat while i spoon the rest into her mouth. She gets easily distracted at mealtimes wanting you to bring a range of things around the kitchen over to her which she gets bored with after 2 mins. She will clamp her mouth shut until i get what she is pointing at so if anyone has any idea how to get her out of this habit please let me know. I wouldnt resort to chips nuggest etc on a regular basis is she wouldnt eat they are fine as an odd treat but not everyday.