Can anyone advise - mid cycle bleeding

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mjm Posts: 393
Girls, I am beginning to get worried. Came off pill 6 months ago, first two cycles were very long (36 and 42 days) with 3 days of brownish spotting mid cycle, mentioned to GP on a visit he said not to worry was just coming off pill stuff. Then I had two perfect 28 day cycles with no bleeding in the middle, thought I was on the straight and narrow and was hopeful of a BFP any month now. Then yesterday (CD 12) bleeding again only this time there was a litle bit more and it was bright red not brown (TMI I know, sorry) seems to be totally stopped again now. Is it time I went to doc and insisted on being referred? Is this normal? What does it mean? Any and all help greatly appreciated, am getting totally fed up of all this, just want a little baby. mjm
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hi mjm, it could be ovulation spotting - some people experience this and it's perfectly normal. if might help if you started charting/using opk's just to confirm that ur ovulating around this time. any midcycle bleeding should be watched closely - hopefully it's nothing to worry about it and u'll have ur baby soon but i would try and get to the bottom of it. good luck!
mjm Posts: 393
Thanks for the reply peg. Going to go out and get "taking charge of your fertility" and start charting. Started using OPKs last Sunday (Cd10) and no sign of ovulating so dont think thats it, but need to start getting to the bottom of it as you say. thanks mjm