can anyone help me please...

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Emsey Posts: 76
was just wondring would anyone have any ideas on my situation..i just found out i was pg..2 weeks before that i was told i was getting a promotion and it just had to be "rubber stampd" when i told the job i was pregnant i was then told i could not have the promotion as i was no longer able to work in the department i was getting the promotion in due to chemical basically because i was honest and spoke up of my pregnancy i have lost my promotion..i am very angry and am wondering does anyone in hr know where i stand?? i would be so grateful for any info..
Toots12 Posts: 894
I'm not in HR but this sounds quite unfair to me - you gained the promotion on the merits of your previous work, and not just on your future potential. i can understand them not giving you a job due to occupational hazards, but at the very least, they should be able to offer you something comparable in another dept. I would take a look at some websites relating to employment law and equal opportunities etc maybe, or hopefully someone here will have specific knowledge on the subject.. Let us know how you get on!
whackywoman Posts: 1496
ring the Equality Authority I would say that this is highly illegal and that they should not have done so. good luck
.... Posts: 667
Bees Posts: 93
It sounds highly illegal to me. Companies are being sued for this sort of thing all the time. There was only a case in the paper a few days ago. Obviously this is slightly different because of the chemical risks but I agree wtih DeCee, you should be entitled to it when you get back.