Can anyone help me with a CV please?

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marianf Posts: 5845
This may all seem a bit mad. I need to do up my CV. I haven't updated my CV since 2004. When I last did my CV I was in a good job but I have since set up my own company and did my Masters etc. I need my CV to reflect this in a very professsional way. If anyone has a C.V. which they think is great, I would be soo grateful if I could have a look. :thnk I may decide to go and get professional help with it, but I would like to have something somewhat professional to work from. Any advice or assistance would be so much appreciated.
theoracle Posts: 7664
If you want, pm me with the gist of what you have done and I can write something up for you. Do you know what type of job you are going to go for? Because it would be important to portray you skills in such a way that they mirror the job requirements.
MaggieSBride Posts: 399
I recruit for a living so happy to point you in the right direction pm me for my e mail for help
marianf Posts: 5845
Thank you both so much. I will pm you for email addresses and send you both on something over the next day or 2. I need to get my head around it all. Thanks girls, I really appreciate your help.