Can anyone recommend somewhere for a pregnancy massage?

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gemini chica Posts: 2581
Hi Girls, can anyone recommend somewhere in Dublin (central) for a pregnancy massage and a rough idea of a cost? How does it work, do they have a special bed or you have to sit up?
coraline Posts: 925
Hi Gemini, I went to a place called the Elbow Room, near Smithfield for the most amazing massage. It was 65 euro and worth every penny :) They have a special bed with big foamy cushiony things with a space for your bump, it was super comfy and relaxing.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hey Gemini, a girl in work went to Buff Day Spa and loved it. Sorry no personal experience. I go to place in D15!
medea49 Posts: 324
It's not in Dublin central, but it is on the LUAS line-- I had a great pregnancy massage at Revive day spa in Milltown (). You lie on your side and they have special pillows etc to support you. It was €50 for a half hour, €90 for an hour. Definitely worth the money! I'm going back. :)
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Thanks Girls! Tolerone, where in D15 is good as I will be there too!
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
if you're anywhere near Leixlip, Obus do a pregnancy massage for one hour for 65 euro - it's magical!! Their website is