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Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
why do people object to FAOS? don't understand as it is the quickest way to get ppls attentions as not everyone checks to see if they got a pm. Obviously by the title if you dont want to read it you dont have to hence the use of FAO. I read the FAOs and dont post on them if they arent relevent to me as i am sure a lot of people do. I think if the are FAO there is nothing private in them or they would be a pm. they are like other posts and like other pposts i read themand if interested or if i feel i have something to add i will post so please enlighten me why object to FAOs? thanks pb :thnk
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
no worries moo2 just genuinely has me curious
Dreamster Posts: 6620
at the risk of being jumped on, i think people like to do it to show the rest of us that they are sooooo popular they send/receive loads of pm's.........
Dcd Posts: 1471
I don't object to them, I'm always just curious as to why they didn't just PM? Some of the FAOs are the best posts on here at times though! I just think it's overkill when people FAO the same person three of four times in one day in separate posts! Use the same feckin' post!!! They'll get the message quicker! :o0
Dreamster Posts: 6620
i know i'm getting writers cramp!
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
[quote="Moo 2":2h1tm423]I should send you an FAO Kwswife, to ask "How are your two fingers?"[/quote:2h1tm423] :o0 :o0 i think we should FAO everything :o0
NotHere Posts: 10273
I have no problem with FAO's at all. You can get a bit of banter going and see all the previous messages. With PM's you might forget parts of the conversation, if you're a feather head like me that is :o0
mammybean Posts: 10364
i use them and i wont stop. if u want to ask someone something that isnt private then why not! plus it often leads to interesting chit chat
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Stop with the "two fingers" please!