can gp confirm pregnancy on the day?

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Momma2b Posts: 281
This is probably a silly question but can the GP confirm your pregnancy on the day of your appointment or do they do blood test which has to be sent away and you get results another day? Thanks :-8
twinpeaks2 Posts: 77
Usually do a urine sample to confirm on the day.
tipperarygal Posts: 482
mama2b, they confirm on the day with a normal pregnancy test. Just make sure you bring in the first urine of the day as the tests are not always very sensitive.
Momma2b Posts: 281
Thanks guys, feel so clueless about the whole thing :-8
wifey001 Posts: 170
They will confirm on the day but my gp told me they were less reliable than the shop bought ones so don't be disappointed if it is a different result to your own :wv
CestMoi Posts: 2162
My GP didn't confirm mine at all. Just took my word for it and calculated my due dates from what I told her. I'll be at least 20 weeks before anyone sees me and tells me anything medical to do with it. That's why I'm going for my own scan at 12 weeks.