Can I annoy all you pregnant women for a minute?

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over it Posts: 2779
Hello ladies (and bumps) :o)ll my sil2b is pregnant and due in about 7 weeks :o)ll :o)ll . I want to buy HER something after she has the baby. I was thinking of a spa treatment or something along those lines but, not being very up on pregnancy, babies etc :-8 , I'm not sure if she'd be able to go to a spa after the baby is born. Is there anything anyone can think of that I could buy her for after baby is born? Again, stressing, I want to buy something for HER not for the baby. I will be buying for the baby separately. Thanks a mill :thnk
aylala Posts: 3673
One of my best pals is due next week and I asked her and she said she would love a voucher for her fave shop - so I plan to splurge on that for her, the baby gets loads and the mammy needs a nice pressie, I also bought her a fab pair of shoes
Cowslip Posts: 761
When one of my friends had a baby last year I got her a voucher for a hairdresser/beauticians near where she lives. I thought she could get her hair done or get a massage or whatever she wanted and still not be too far from home if baby threw a wobbly on her dh ! I think I would appreciate something like that myself, I'd probably use a voucher like that for a facial or something along those lines....a bit of pampering....
over it Posts: 2779
Thank you :thnk