Can i be induced at 37 weeks??Pls help

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jellytotz Posts: 190
Hi everyone, I am currently 35 weeks and have been thru the mill with fibroid, breathing problems, and now contractions (which doc said could go on until EDD 20th Sept!) , im in severe pain and have days were i actually have so much trouble btreathing (have been in hosp for 6 weeks thru out pregnancy with everything!)...what i was wondering , is if i went and asked my consultant to induce me at 37 weeks-is this possible? I have had the lung steroid injections weeks ago so baby is 100% matured and is 6 pounds already. i know this sounds selfish but i havent slept in 3 weeks, have the blackest bags under eyes and a, in so much pain -i literally cry for hrs a u know if this is possible at all? Sorry for being a moaner-just a bad day- thanks for any advice x
goinloco Posts: 774
hiya! you poor thing :action31 im not too sure if they will incuse you at 37 weeks but i know they do at 38weeks if there is a danger to you or the baby. hope yo feel better soon
tilsun Posts: 4506
You poor thing. I have no idea about being induced but think you should speak to your consultant, does he/she know how bad things are? Maybe they could give you something for the pain either at hme or in hospital :action32