Can I bring expressed breast milk on cargo hold on plane??

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mrsdaisy Posts: 42
Hi, I'm going on holidays soon with my 4 month old and have started to wean from breastmilk to formula. I have a lot of breastmilk stocked in the freezer and am going to continue to give my baby breastmilk for some feeds until my stock pile is gone. However, I'm wondering if I am allowed to bring my milk in the cargo hold on the plane?? I know if I can't I'll just have to give formula for her feeds as by the time we go on hols I'll have completely weaned. But I'd prefer not to! Any advise from other mammies would be great. Thanks in advance.
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
You can have any liquids in cargo hold on plane afaik but I don't know how you would keep it refrigerated or frozen? You can bring in hand luggage either but might be asked to taste it at security.
CherylC Posts: 1071
I agree it would be hard to keep it frozen/ refridgerated in the hold? Not sure how you plan to do it? If it gets warmed up it wouldn't last more than 24 hours I think. You can bring it onto the plane in hand luggage (no 100ml requirement for baby food) in a cool bag, so could bring some that way. Perhaps easiest to use formula while away and then the expressed milk when you get home?