Can I change GP?

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Savida Posts: 542
I suppose I am a little premature as we are only planning on starting TTC next month. Moved back near home last year and have only gone to a GP here once with something small. He was very professional and reassuring but it is a big practice and there is a new female GP there who my mum went to and who she thought was fantastic. So just wondering if I got pregnant would it be ok to start attending her instead of the last GP I went to?
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
Of course it is... but the next appointment you have even if its not pregnancy related I would go to her... Your not stuck with one doc for the rest of you life thank god! I think medical centers are used to people choosing a female doc when it comes to these things.. I have to say though I changed to a female doc for the same reason and Im kinda sorry, shes not great.. But you have good feedback on your so go for it.
Savida Posts: 542
Thanks a million ilovetoast. Think it shouldn't be a prob but just feels weird if u know what I mean. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
I read this yesterday before my GP appointment thinking how lucky I was I liked my GP cause don't like the woman GP in the surgery at all. But now I think I'm going to do it too! My GP was really off the last time I'd a check up. Barely spoke to me, there was just silence. Really unlike him and I was a bit worried. Then yesterday I'd another check up and he was the same. Started telling me he hasn't been sleeping well lately. This isn't hte first time he's offered personal information of his problems and tbh while he's a lovely man and I feel for him, I don't want to hear about it when I'm in his surgery as a patient! I think I'd PND after DD and have talked to him about it when I got BFP. It was something I was to discuss later in pregnancy but last two times I' haven't been able to bring it up cause of him. I really don't like the female Gp. Just don't get her and she's never busy (male GP is there donkey years so everyone goes to him) but got talking to another mum yesterday and she highly recommended the other GP. Said she was really good and checked everything (probably cause she's got hte time!). I had to bring DD to her once and she was very good with her and had loads of toys in room unlike my GP> So as awkward as it is cause I've been seeing my GP for 5 years and would know him, I think next time I'm going to book my appointment with the female GP and give her a chance. We'll see how it goes and I'll book it late so it looks like he just didnt' have room for me. I I think that if you're going to be pregnant and have kids you need to be 100%happy with your doctor as you'll be seeing them a lot!