Can I dye my hair?

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Chukles Posts: 672
I forgot to ask my doc about this I read in "what to expect when you are expecting" that you can do it whenever but there is a risk it may not turn out the colour its meant to because of all the hormones but.... I know for a fact that some people dont when they are pregnant so I am confused! I get blonde highlights can anyone enlighten me ? :wv
blissful2b Posts: 1555
i was always told you couldn't get anything done at all?? but maybe they were wrong?
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Hi girls, I always felt a bit wary about dying my hair - especially before 13 weeks. I did a bit of research though and highlights don't seem to be a problem because the dye goes on your hair strand and not into your scalp. Vegetable based dyes from health shops also seem to be okay. I waited until about 16 weeks until I got my highlights done. Again, this is a personal decision but I personally wouldn't use any dyes in the first 13 weeks. Hopes this helps. :wv
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I've had my highlights done a few times since I've been pregnant! Highlights are better apparently than a full colour cos the colour doesn't actually go on your scalp! All mine have turned out fine!
short n sweet Posts: 1802
I have dyed my hair twice - I waited until after 12 weeks to do it - if you ask the GP he will probably say to check with the salon - I got semi permanent colour which is quite safe and as far as I know highlights are fine too as they don't actually come in contact with your scalp
Chukles Posts: 672
Thanks Girls! I think I will suffer on another 4 wks until I am 12 weeks just to be sure!
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I had my highlights done at 6 weeks, I didnt tell the hairdresser I was pregnant. Another girl came in, she was 14 weeks and she had a reaction to the dye and it came out a different colour - she got a full head colour. The hairdresser told me that sometimes it happens due to hormones... but that it doesnt happen everyone. Am going in again next Saturday, I'll tell her then.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Em I got my highlights done no problem, my hair has actually started to change colour I'm normally a natural blonde but the roots u can see have started to go brown :eek :eek Same thing happened to my mum, so am putting over getting another colour done until i've had herself, am all booked in and all to have a few hrs pampering to myself am going to be a wonderful mother :o0 :o0 :o0
Lilac Gerber Posts: 179
[color=indigo:3kjwlbt3]Phew!!!! :o0 Had put Botanics colour in my hair and logged on while I was waiting it for work! Got a bit of a fright when I read about colours going wrong so washed it out. It was nearly due to be washed out anyhow. It's not orange!! Not sure if it took as well as normal but I'm not sure because I don't put it in that often. Just glad it didn't come out a mad colour!!! :o0 [/color:3kjwlbt3]
Milly83 Posts: 3620
I had my highlights done every month of my pregnancy! I asked the doctor and there is no problem. If you are unsure about anything like that, don't rely on websites and all that because most of it is just people's opinions. Definately ask your doc for peace of mind. HTH