can i have a cappucino real sleepy

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lifestooshort Posts: 2312
can i have a cappucino real sleepy??
jarashow Posts: 3083
OF COURSE !! Go get yourself one. It's only 1 cup it's not as if you are knocking them back. I have the odd caffinated coffee and tea and don't get me started on coke LOL Edited to add I think we are ok at this stage :wv
totalnovice Posts: 787
Go for it and enjoy! Everything in moderation is my motto
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Did you have it after? i had one today myself, needed a lift was so tired at work, i have the odd latte/cappuccino and ill just drink the decafe coffee, doc said this was fine once im not having 3-4 a day.
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
I did but wish I'd bought a proper one rather than make my own so was tad disappointed with my efforts :P
jarashow Posts: 3083
Sure treat yourself today instead :o0
baby-bel Posts: 929
you can buy decaf cappucinos, they are not bad :o)ll