can I have a rant please

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katied Posts: 132
Sorry for dumping this on you girls but I need to vent! I am 38 weeks pregnant now and cannot get my husband to organize anything for the baby. He told me yesterday that I am very impatient at the moment and he finds it difficult but the thing (besides baby clothes that I have bought) we have nothing yet for the baby. I have ordered and paid for a pram and car seat that he wont let me collect as he wants to install it himself, we are getting a moses basket from his sister (who is still using it on her 6 month old baby so don't know if we will see it before baby is born), he has yet to collect sterilizer from his other sister, we have no channels on our tv and have been living in our house for 2 years, I told him I will go insane when babs comes if I dont have a tv. I said I will organize it but he wants to do it himself. We have no room to store baby stuff as hubby has crap everywhere and is taking forever to move it! AAAAAAHHHHH Yes, I know I am probably over-reacting because I am in the last few weeks of pregnancy but I feel I cannot control my body or the birth or the fear of having to look after a little person but if allowed I could control having everything ready for baby!!! I love my husband but am really really frustrated at the mo!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Dear god, does he not realise that babies arrive earlyaswell as late?? I had our DS at 38wks, our first. So you could go today, tomorrow....anytime. You need to give him a kick. You are not over-reacting. You need certain things in place, like the car seat, steriliser etc before the babs arrives. And get the TV channels organised, I got in Sky movies when I was on my ML, thought the other 500 odd channels weren't enough! Despite all the crazy pg hormones running around your body, you are making perfect sense!! Good luck.
Nadie Posts: 1111
That would WRECK my head. If it was me, I'd be off doing everything myself, he'll either actually go and do it then, or you'll get it done, either way it'll get done! I have a technique when DH is dragging his heels to start doing the job myself, then he takes over quick smart. Don't just say you'll do it yourself, get it half done and then he'll take over! As for car seat though, you can't bring the baby home without it, so he'll have to sort that out while you're in hospital. As for hubby's crap everywhere - I'd get a big balck bag and put it all at the back door for the bin. Grr, he needs a kick up the arse! Maybe also tell him what you've told us there about your fears and explain that getting these things done will ease your mind and give you less to worry about?
baby2008 Posts: 1254
I don't think you are overreacting at all. You are 38 weeks and hubby should have sorted this out weeks ago.
Maria1983 Posts: 390
katied, I don't thnk you're overreacting at all; it is beyond me why he hasn't moved to do anything yet! My mother was dead set against us getting anything for the baby before he was born as she decided it was bad luck ( O:| ) but we ended up getting everything (and good thing we did because we saved hundreds in sales). We spent the year before he was born organizing our appartment and making it a real livable family home (we used to have crates, kitchen and telly and a couch). You think my other half would have gone for it as easily if I hadn't nagged him and given him a few nudges? I doubt it. He has a nature of leaving things until the last second too. At 38 weeks you're supposed to be waiting at the door with a hospital bag at hand (that's when our son arrived). And don't let him get away with the "you have hormones" speech. He seriously needs to get a grip of what's going on. I say push it as much as you can. Also, doesn't he have other women around that can tell him that?
leopardess Posts: 906
katied i would be livid with DH if he bahaved like that! sounds like yours needs a good kick up the ar&% O:| its like he's in denial that the baby will be here very soon! tell him if he doesn't get things sorted asap you will have to do it yourself >:o( god thats really annoyed me!
katied Posts: 132
Thank you, thank you, thank you girls! He is driving me nuts. i absolutely hate nagging but this is just too much. I think that he thinks the time to get things done is when I am in the hospital! He is a procrastinator at the best of times but it is getting too soon now and I should be concentrating on impending motherhood not stressed about getting things for the baby. Before he left for work, I asked him would he ring the tv people today and his sister about the moses basket. So when he gets home from work I will have to ask him (like a mammy) if he did it. If not, just do it myself. As for the crap in the room I think I will go and stay in my mums and tell him I will come home when it is gone (maybe that will shame him into doing it) I hate giving out about him, because really other than his slowness in getting things done he really is the most loving and fantastic husband. Thanks again for your advice and letting me rant x
katied Posts: 132
Update Well after reading your comments, I had teary conversation with hubby on the phone. He apologized and said he will get a move on with everything today so hopefully he has finally realised that babs is coming soon and I am not being unreasonable. Thanks again girls :wv
leopardess Posts: 906
awh im glad hun, now just make sure he actually does it so you can nest without all the stress :o0
Nadie Posts: 1111
Great news! I hope you feel more relaxed now and ready for the most exciting day EVER!