can i have your advice please

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DiamondWife Posts: 1347
hi ladies i'm looking for some advice - ok background on depo for 6 years and implanton for 1 year now getting married at xmas and want to ttc straight away do i get the implanton out before or after wedding no period for 6 years + worried how long it will take for everything to go back to normal also is it worth taking out VHI plan sorry for long post :-8 any advice welcome thanks in advance :thnk :thnk :thnk
leopardess Posts: 906
hi im not sure i can be of much help dont know about implanton? with regards to vhi there is no need if you plan to be a public patient, but if you want to go semi private or private do take out a policy. also takee it out now as you have to have a 52 week record with them before baby is born, so woukld be good idea to start it now. sorry cant help with the rest.
prettylady Posts: 578
cant help but I am the same as you. on depo for 5 years, have implanon in 2 yrs, it sue out next yr but will prob be going back on depo den! i also had no periods for over 6 years now. my doc said it cud take yr for normal cycle to come back wen I do off contraception. hth :wv
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
thanks for your replies girls :thnk
funkyfish Posts: 7626
pm'd u