Can I take Lemsip Original

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happymonkey Posts: 555
Please tell me if I can take Lemsip Original (500mg Paracetemol in it). I'm smothered. Thanks,
scobette Posts: 1010
Paracetamol is perfectly safe to take in pregnancy, try adding a bit of honey to it too
happymonkey Posts: 555
Thanks - I'll make my own homemade version of lemsip - lemon, honey and paracetamol. I googled lemsip and found that it has decongestant which isn't good in pregnancy. Cheers
Daff Posts: 11644
girld be careful with the honey - not recommended in pregnancy and in babies under one cause if it's not pasturised it can cause botulism. I don't think it's usually pasturised. Small risk, like eating soft cheese, but probably not worth the risk. Origional lemsip is fine.
marles Posts: 1397
I'm smothered with a Head cold at the mo.My brother is a pharmacist and he said it's fine to take the original lemsip and only that one,not max strenght or the menthol one.Be careful not to take too much paracetemol.Only one type should be taken at a time and after every six hours if needed. So far I've only taken 2 paracetemol this morning going to wait until I have to take more.I'm taking lots of Vitamin C I sent OH to the pharmacy today where we live and the technician wouldn't give him regular lemsip for me,she said the Dr. would have to ring and say it was ok.This is extreme,but he didn't challenge this.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
i had a head cold a few weeks ago and the pharmacist told me not to take lemsip at all due to the level of caffine in it. I drank honey, lemon and cloves and that worked
Cinzia Posts: 737
When pg with DS I had several colds/chest infections and I dosed myself with a Manuka honey, lemon and boiling water drink... .worked every time. Manuka honey (available in healthfood shops but expensive) is safe in pregnancy - I hounded people in a few healthfood shops just to make sure they all had the same answer! hope you feel better soon.
Daff Posts: 11644
how expensive is expensive for the honey? I've a bad head cold today :o( but also snowed in so probably won't be able to get it for a few days anyway.
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Yup paracetamol is safe. Hope you feel better!
PSF Posts: 157
Lemsip orig is fine. It even says you can take it during pregnancy on the packet. Avoid the one with decongestant in it though.