Can just one parent find out the sex of the baby?

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LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Hi girls :wv This is a little premature and we haven't even decided yet but we were just discussing it last night & DH said did I want to find out? He said he definitely doesn't but that he wouldn't mind if I wanted to and to keep it to myself. I'm undecided as yet. In one way I would like to wait for the suprise and in another way I think it would help me bond with the baby more before the birth....I'm sure I will be undecided for another while but my question is - at the big 18 week scan would they tell one of you if you wanted to know (ie. tell DH to leave the room) or is it still both of you are told or nobody?
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
Lovelife123...i am in the same boat. I want to know and my husband doesnt....BUT i think it will be virtually impossible not to let it slip at some stage PLUS i wont be able to buy anything in the correct colour cause he will know then so i think i may not find out??!! We will see!! (Also my inlaws told me they dont want to know!!!)
LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Mental rebel - yeah its only me that "might" want to know (I'm not great with surprises anyway I just can't wait I've no patience!) Having said that TTC for 15 months has taught me some patience so I might last the distance and not find out. Not sure yet. As for buying things I wouldn't mind that part because buggies are pretty unisex and blankets, babygro's etc for when they are just born could be white or patterned, its when they are born we'll prob do most of the buying anyway for not letting slip that might be tricky alright!!! :baby3:
DrWhosPoopy Posts: 654
From the minute I found out i was pregnant i wanted to know, DH was adamant he didn't want to know. He kept changing his mind up until 18 weeks, and when we went for our scan they said they wouldnt tell us at this stage anyway! We had a private 3d scan at 25 weeks, and he def wanted to know then so we found out. On the other side of it, i know that if i found out myself and he still didnt want to know i'd inevitably slip up at some stage and he'd find out anyway IYKWIM? So when he was humming and hawing i always said either we both found out or leave it as a suprise because it's too much of a huge thing that can be slipped out without even thinking!
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
We had our scan today and DH asked about the sex. The doctor looked at me to confirm that we wanted to know and it was only after I said yes I want to know too that he told us. I'm not sure if I had said no would he have told DH but I got the impression he wouldn't have.
LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Ghostchild2 - interesting hmmmm........ So come on tell us then what are you having?? :o0 :o0 :o0 Just kidding if you don't want to disclose!
im waiting Posts: 2727
I went for a 3D scan with ds, h2b came along. I decided at the last minute I wanted to find out but h2b didn't. That was at 28 weeks and I was told I was having a girl!!!!!! I never told him or even let it slip in any way. Infact I didn't tell a sole, I had to prove I could keep it to myself. For somecreadon h2b was saying all along it was a boy, I was so scared he was going to be disappointed. There was me, sitting on the operating table waiting for h2b's reaction to having a second girl but it was me that was gobsmacked, but obviously I didn't mind either way. All I wanted was a healthy baby and now i've got one of each :o)ll Yes I went off the point there sorry but yes you can find out if the other half doesn't want to
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
[quote="LoveLife123":2tt6jxwb]Ghostchild2 - interesting hmmmm........ So come on tell us then what are you having?? :o0 :o0 :o0 Just kidding if you don't want to disclose![/quote:2tt6jxwb] The doc said it was a bit early but it looks like we're having a boy. DH is so delighted and has been telling everyone but keep reminding him that it may be wrong. However from what i've read it's usually wrong when they say it's a girl and it turns out to be a boy. Must say I've stared at the scan and can't see the boy parts :o0 :o0 :o0
bride babe Posts: 131
Ive known since 15 weeks prenanat, but hubby doesnt want to know! He doesnt know I know! Not too hard to keep it a secret, everyone calls it "he" by default anyway!! Have only bought babygrows (white) and vests, getting clothes from a friend this week , but will keep away from hubby!! Id say go for it if you want to know, for me it was def the right choice, I needed to prepare mentally! BB
babybaker Posts: 522
i found out at 18weeks and i am now 31 weeks and i havnt told a soul! dh knows i know as does everybody else but i havnt let it slip! i love knowing, and its like mine and babs secret if you get me!! dh is convinced its a girl & his family did the old wives tale with the ring on string and it said girl so he is so set for a girl now! little does he know its a baby boy! regarding buying things it didnt make it easier or anything i just have a few blue bits in a bag under the bed. dh knows its there so he doesnt open it by accident so its grand. got a red buggy and the nursery things are yellow so really its not a problem! i would find out again as i love knowing.... good luck with what you decide xx