Can someone check if I have music in right places

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Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
I'm doing up my mass programme and won't be meeting the girls doing my music for a while but trying to get this part sorted first. These are the headings I have on my programme, do I have the music in the right places or am I missing some, Can someone check this for me, especially the communion parts. Not sure if the songs for the communion go after the communion rite or the communion antiphon??? [b:15sgmfor]Processional Music[/b:15sgmfor] Introductory Rite Entrance Antiphon [b:15sgmfor]Music (after the antiphon)[/b:15sgmfor] Lighting of the candles Penitential Rite The Gloria Opening Prayer Liturgy of the Word First Reading [b:15sgmfor]Music[/b:15sgmfor] Responsorial Psalm [b:15sgmfor]Music[/b:15sgmfor] Second Reading Gospel Acclamation Gospel Rite of Marriage Declaration of Consent Blessing of the Rings Exchange of Rings [b:15sgmfor]Music (after the rings have been exchanged)[/b:15sgmfor] Lighting of the Marriage Candle Prayer of the Newly Married Couple Prayers of the Faithful Liturgy of the Eucharist [b:15sgmfor]Offeratory Music[/b:15sgmfor] Eucharistic Prayer [b:15sgmfor]Music[/b:15sgmfor] Communion Rite Nuptial Blessing Communion Antiphon [b:15sgmfor]Music (2 pieces)[/b:15sgmfor] Prayer after Communion Concluding Rite [b:15sgmfor]Music (Signing of the Register)[/b:15sgmfor] [b:15sgmfor]Recessional Music[/b:15sgmfor]
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Do you want me to email our booklet so you can compare?
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
[quote="JustBecause":1ohcs7k6]Do you want me to email our booklet so you can compare?[/quote:1ohcs7k6] Just sent you a PM, thanks a mil :thnk
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Done. You're completely welcome. Delighted to be able to help.
DillieDallie Posts: 423
Hey there You might be making it a bit complicated for yourself there... We just have the following *) Processional *) Lighting of the Individual Marriage Candles *) Psalm *) Lighting of Single Marriage Candle *) Offertory *) Communion x2 *) Signing of the register x 2 *) Recessional HTH :wv