can someone explain how braxton hicks "feel"??

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rk16o Posts: 201
hi there I just wondered if anyone could take the time to maybe explain how BH feels? I proberly have had them but i still do be excited when i get movement and kicks and that, so to be honest i dont know if ive def had them? would they be like period pains? havnt had that feeling at all just asked that cus alot of family say contractions start like period pains... i dont know if i should have them yet oh and while im at it, is it true that on the 1st pregnancy, baby turns early and drops say week 30 or so? i just thought that with all the movement it does it would be turning all the time and not till last week or so go for the head down position... Any help appreciated
Emme Posts: 4735
Hiya, Braxton hicks are like erratic light period pains. You'd notice them but not necessarily be in pain from them if that makes sense! But they should be erratic. And like contractions you'll know when you have them, there won't be any doubt! Think I started getting mine around 34/35 weeks. As for movement after the head is engaged I actaully kept thinking that the baby had dislodged himself! He was moving so much and all over the place it was unreal! Emme
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Hi I asked this on the November thread the other day.. I didn't think I'd been having any. However, last night I was up at the hospital and on a trace and it turned out I was having tightenings every ten minutes. As I was on the trace, I could see the peaks so could really focus on what they felt like. Just felt like a slow tightening and release of my whole tummy/womb - a build up and then a release, with maybe a tiny weeny hint of a period-type pain (if I really thought about it!). I realised I'd been feeling this for a while, but thought it was just the baby stretching inside me. Because they were so regular, m/w thought they were more likely to be actual contractions but said if I couldn't feel them at all they were probably BH or the very start of labour (which I guess would feel the same? Who knows?). At the very end of pg, BH can becom regular and a little painful but the difference between BH and labour contractions is that labour contractions get progessively harder and longer and stronger and BH don't? Still here this morning and no real shift so I guess they were BH! We'll see! HTH :wv Note: neither my mother nor my grandmother ever felt labour pains in Stage 1so it might just be a weird genetic thing that I don't feel them!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Had them for 7 weeks before I had DD Basically they are like Mrs Bean said the bump goes really hard and tight and you get what can be a slight or sore period pain ......labour is very different at least I thought so. Contractions are much more intense and short lived, BH can go on for longer and can get pretty sore sometimes. You may be getting them now or may get none at all every pg is different As for ur pother q baby can drop head down from 30 weeks but same story every baby is different my DD was head down from 32 weeks and moved right down at 36 (was sitting on her head!) she had moved so far down by the end that she flew out !!! 5 hours start to finish!!!