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breeze Posts: 1175
Ive been getting cramps in my womb again like AF is coming, but im not sure if thats just because ive come off the pill and my body is getting back to normal (just waiting for AF to arrive,could be a long wait). Iv also been really grumpy with Dh and son. Whats the story. Never been like this before. When i had my son a long time ago, (7ys) i didnt know what the story was just thought i ate something dodge. :duh: Can anyone explain
sunnyside Posts: 3164
I had a 37 day wait from stopping the pill to getting my normal AF. For about 10 days before that I felt like AF was on its way- cramps in tummy, feeling cranky etc. I think it's just the effect of coming off the pill.
breeze Posts: 1175
Hi Sunnyside thanks for you reply, i was kinda thinking the same but just wasnt sure