Can't be induced after having a section?????

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DublinGirl Posts: 1307
Hi Girls, Had another scan today - all's well and everything is progressing nicely as it should be. But I just wanted to run something by you that the sonographer said when we were chatting. Basically she asked me if i was going private or public and I said probably private purely because I had an emergency section on my first and needed a bit of reassurance second time and have one to one with the consultant the whole way. Then she said 'yeah you are limited after having a section and you can't get induced'. I didn't say anything there and then but thought about it afterwards and just wondered if anyone of you have heard this too? I was banking on having a natural birth second time and hopefully will but having said that if I need a section that's fine too. Wouldn't bother me either way as long as babs is healthy. It's just the recovery is longer after a section. Just wondering what you all think? :wv
breeze Posts: 1175
I had an emergency c section on DS1 and am really hoping to have a natural birth this time round. Fingers crossed Ive never heard of a sonographer saying that, are they doctors??? Id check with your dr or consultant he may shed some light on it for you.
TracyD Posts: 750
It depends on the consultant but most of them won't induce after a previous cesarean due to the increased risk of problems with the scar separating. Some consultants will let you go up to 14 days over so fingers crossed you'll have your baby by then. Tracy
pattie Posts: 2379
I've read that they don't like to give oxytocin or similar if you've had a previous section as the contractions from these can be stronger than natural contractions and would increase your chances of your scar separating. But I also read that 70% of women manage to have a vaginal birth after a section so the odds are pretty good. Fingers crossed for you.
mad woman Posts: 22106
dunno, but I know after one c-sectin you can another normal birth, but not after two. Ive had two c-sections and even though there was a five year gap, the skin and muscle still wasnt right, I had to have a drain on wound 2nd time round, but hey I got two gorgeous little girls for my troubles! :o)ll
Hi Dublin Girl I had an elective section in April 2002 as DD was breech and then was induced for DS in March 2004, 5 days over due. I had no diffficulty with the induction or recovery after. I am now due in Dec. with the 3rd and will be having a normal delivery unless something changes in the mean time. Every Ob has their own opinion of what they prefer to do, I usually tell them what I want as I did with DS as I said I wouldn't go past that Friday i had him and was most certainly not waiting 2 weeks over to be induced (chance your arm, all they can say is no!). Good luck.