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classygal Posts: 436
O:| Hi, wondering if any you feel the same, I work full time and am struggling to do everything, work, extra responsibilities and diploma course at work, go the gym, socialise, cook and clean! I've just spent 2 hours cleaning the bedroom-I'm so perfectionist about everything I never actually get things done...i can only clean one room a week max as i take so ling O:| O:| O:| Do any of you have this and how do you manage? Also anyone know how much a cleaner might cost? Thanks girls :wv
Betsy May Posts: 2168
There definetly comes a point in your life where your time becomes so valuable to you (either because of your career or your family) that you have to consider where it's best invested and whether cleaning the toilet is one of things worth investing in. I have a cleaner as my time is invested in my company (and my wedding planning :o0 ). I know I pay her over the odds and I do so because she is good, reliable, flexible and trustworthy, i.e. I don't want to lose her. So I give her €18 an hour plus an occasional tip and something at Christmas.
stellam Posts: 131
i hear ya! i'm a neat freak and h2b calls me Monica (as in tidy monica in Friends!) i can't even come in the door and relax with a cup of tea if there's dishes or somethign to be done i have to do them first! anyways, my mum is always at me to get the ironing sent out or a cleaner in, bascially as you say time is precious and unfortunately these days with commuting to work taking alot out of most people's lives, it is probably worth paying for a cleaner. i was at college last year and found it tough and we were engaged for over 6 months before we started planning wedding cause there was no way i was doing college, work, wedding plans and house stuff. basically, there's no point being wrecked from cleaning and probably in a mood with h2b if he's not cleaning as much! so once wedding over i;m going to start sending out the ironing to be done or get a cleaner in. i think 15-20euro per hour is about right and sometimes you can get someone in to do the ironing while they are there! best of luck.
classygal Posts: 436
thanks girl, i've spoke to H2B and we're going halves on a cleaner for 2 hours a week, who might do a bit of ironing to...more time for us a couple too! thanks girls, nice to know i,'m not the only one who feels like this :wv