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lovelywine Posts: 404
Hi there, Looking for some words of wisdom or advise from someone here. My weight is really getting me down these last few weeks. Since I got married I’ve gained almost 2 stone in weight and I just can’t seem to shift it at all. Came off the pill just after we got married with a view to getting my system back to normal for TTC. Luckily everything returned to normal pretty much straight away but the weight has just crept up and up. I don’t eat anything out of the ordinary, cereal for breakfast, yogurt for mid morning snack, sandwich for lunch, furit in the afternoon and then a normal dinner. Tea and a small bar in the evening as my treat! I do boot camp at least once a week if not twice and 5 out of seven days I walk the dog for between 3-4km. Wouldn’t mind but I sweat buckets from doing both!! I also try to drink at least 1litre of water a day. I went to the doctor in May because I thought I might have a thyroid problem (my mam had one and I often get tested) but all that came back clear. I kept a food diary for 3 months and when the doctor went through it she reckoned I should introduce more protein which I have. I just don’t know where I’m going wrong – my friend reckons it could be a hormone issue as its only happened since coming off the pill but I don’t know. Most of the weight is going to my boobs and tummy. So much so that DH’s uncle put his hand on my tummy a few weeks ago and congratulated me……I just walked off and burst into tears. Its hard enough TTC without people assuming your pregnant when you’re not. My boobs are huge and I can’t imagine them getting any bigger! So has anyone got any words of wisdom to help me shift this weight….. I want the old me back :o(
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
These are just a couple of suggestions, you may already have them covered: How much cereal are you pouring into the bowl? 30g is the recommended amount, it's very small when you measure it out. Increase your intake of fruit but eat it earlier in the day - by lunchtime say. Don't overdo it on the bananas - two or three a week is more than enough. Cut out one or two of the carb portions. 30g breakfast cereal is one, you're probably having two portions at lunch depending on the bread you're using in the sandwich. There's a chance you're also having another two portions at dinner in the form of potatoes, rice or pasta. Bulk up on salad and vegetables instead. A little protein at each meal is the ideal way to go but it can be difficult enough to get it in. A babybel or small slice of cheese is one option. Egg whites are great. Remove the yellow though - it's not so good for you. You can get cartons of egg white - called Two Chicks. Usually stocked around milk and cream in Dunnes. Great for making white egg omelettes. By the way, just to clarify, I am absolutely no expert in any weight loss or nutritional programmes but have been eating very healthily in last 6 months or so and weight is coming off without any problems. I'm keeping the carb intake pretty low, increasing the protein, three meals a day and three snacks in between.
tassajara Posts: 723
It's a tough situation to be in, I'm 1 stone over my ideal weight and trying to get back down is a nightmare. However there are some things you could try. Drink more water, minimum 2 litres. It isn't actually that hard to do when you split it into 4 pint glasses of water or 4 500ml bottles of water a day. Add more vegetables to your diet. Fruit is great as a treat but I heard it recommended before to eat more vegetables than fruit. I try to always add another portion of vegetables to each meal. Don't worry about the egg yolks, btw, most studies would suggest that egg yolks are good for you. There might be fat in there but there also are piles of vitamins and minerals which your body needs. If you're eating yoghurt, make sure it is sugar-free. Loads of low-fat products depend on adding sugar for flavour, and low-fat products filled with empty calories are so much worse for you than a small portion of the full-fat version. Portion sizes: I find anyway that when I'm serving up dinner is that I will give myself the same size serving as my boyfriend who is a foot taller than me. I don't need that amount of food but because it's in front of me, I will eat it. Try smaller portion sizes and see if that works. In terms of dinners, I think what sometimes really surprises me is when I track calories on MyFitnessPal how many calories are in what I think is a healthy dinner. Don't get me wrong, a homecooked dinner is automatically going to be a better option than a takeaway but homecooked doesn't automatically mean low in calories or fat. I use to estimate the calories of a dinner using their recipe builder.
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
just wondering have you been tested for pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome ) ? its hard to detect and usually can only be done so with bloods and ultrasounds but it sounds from your symptoms like it could be? People wiht pcos put on weight and find it extremely difficult to loose weigh just to your body holding on to insulin more. Some of the treatment for pcos is to be put on a table called metaforim which is a diabetic tablet so you can see the simarlities ! The way to loose weight with pcos is to stick to a low GI diet ( if you look it up online you can get lots of ideas) unislim also do a very good gi diet program and you can join them online. The thing with pcos aswell is that you can actually eat very little/do lots of excerise but your body can not regulate enough to loose the weigh so it just makes it so hard ! might be no harm in just getting dr to do bloods and booking you in for scan ! You might not have it but no harm in ruling it out :wv
lovelywine Posts: 404
Thanks girsl. I seem to be going all the things you both mentioned! I also use the Myfitness pal app and my calorie intake is normally around 1500 when it takes of the exercise I do. Jane smith - breakfast is normally 2 weetabix with low fat milk or else porridge (two scoops with 4 scoops of milk as per the package) The odd time I might have 2 scrambled eggs with nothing else. i use wholegrain bread for lunch and limit myself to 2 slices a day. With dinner I weigh pasta and rice (60g portions per person) and when it comes to potates I normally just skip them and have extra veg. If I do have potatoes I try have a baked potato to cut down on the butter and milk I use to mash it for DH! Honestly I haven't chnaged anything since I got married bar come off the pill and start bootcamp. I was always a walker with my dog so I just don't know what to make of it.... Dh reckons its old age and my metabolism slowing down but I dont head os wrecked watching everything I eat everyday and not getting anywhere.
lovelywine Posts: 404
Just saw your post twinbambinos. Never in my wildest dreams did I think of that. Although would I still have a regular AF with PCOS. I though PCOS meant that you had irregular periods.....mine are pretty bang on except the odd month here and there..... I also got a full set of blood tests done in May when I went to the Dctor about my weight gain and everything came back normal....???
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
[quote="lovelywine":3k069m23]Just saw your post twinbambinos. Never in my wildest dreams did I think of that. Although would I still have a regular AF with PCOS. I though PCOS meant that you had irregular periods.....mine are pretty bang on except the odd month here and there..... I also got a full set of blood tests done in May when I went to the Dctor about my weight gain and everything came back normal....???[/quote:3k069m23] It depends you can have pco or pcos which can be quite different. I have pco and have always gotten af every cycle could be a bit longer than 28 days ( usually 35/35 days) but regular none the less ! It would not show up in a regular blood test you would specifially have to get hormone bloods done which I think has to be done on day 3 of your cycle ( I think it was a long time ago I got mine done) Its ust your post rang a bell with as you eat very little and excerise till the cows come home but loosing weight is very hard with pco! Its prob not this but defo no harm in getting it checked out if you find you still couldnt loose weight with lots of excerise and a calorie controlled diet.