Can't sit still how to relax?

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workingmom Posts: 3429
I can't sit still lately, the house has to be clean, the clothes have to be washed, I am wrecked and can't sleep at night time, so I decided to knit for the baby, and in 1 week here and there I have knit a little cardi for babs, but my nerves are still at me, what can I do to relax more? I have black circles under my eyes and I am fed up with my family saying "jesus you look awful", consultant made no bones about it, apart from iron deficiency my blood tests are fine... I am slowly going nuts, and I am worried that by the time babs is due, I won't have the energy to bring it into the world.
StayShiny Posts: 1078
I think you need to find yourself a pregnancy yoga class :wv and also try harder to relax, hilarious really... it is actually difficult to relax isn't it... today I'm supposed to be at home relaxing! and all I can see is what needs to be done in the house ... but I'm trying really hard to block it out and won't allow myself to do any of it!! Give yourself one thing to do only today and don't think about the other stuff ... or at least try eh :) xx