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zig and zag Posts: 298
Oh girls the past few days I can't seem to get a good nights sleep! I'm 20weeks pregnant & don't know how I'm going to get through the next 20!!! Dh is starting to drive me mad with his snoring (to be fair he's not too bad) but once he lies on his side the snoring stops Q me nudging him practically every night to turn over onto his side! He could sleep through an earthquake me not so much. I can hear a pin drop! I get up to ds as dh never hears him!! :( I'm too warm, my legs are in the bed one min & out the next. The only position as of late that's comfortable is my left side and after awhile this can be uncomfortable too! I've got a long body pillow but it's not helping. I could wake a couple of times a night & take about 2hours to get back to sleep! Sorry about the moan girls... Anyone in the same boat?
toureg Posts: 392
Could have wrote this myself!! It's driving me nuts & then I'm knackered the next day!! DH snores like a flipping rhino too, it's better when in his side but lord above I'm driven demented with it!! The more I hear it the more I want to kill him/cry!! :weep Hug there z&z.... I'm going to turn thus off and give it another shot now! Fingers crossed :zzzz:
ttc2012 Posts: 661
Im not as bad as you guys yet but im not sleeping through the night already, i have a flatish type pillow to rest my belly on for comfort, some nights i have the fan on when i feel too warm, makes a huge difference when feeling too warm. Have light 4 tog duvet on our bed all year around, always have, maybe thats something you could do? some nigts i have to sleep on my back for awhile and i put my feet on a fat pillow.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
It gets worse :-( I'm 32 weeks and wake about 20 times a night. Between wanting to go to the toilet, to even moving positions is waking me up And I would have been a very good, deep sleeper before pregnancy At least our bodies will be used to waking up for the night feeds though :-)
Mrs W Posts: 2923
[quote="RainbowNinja":3dq41mrr] At least our bodies will be used to waking up for the night feeds though :-)[/quote:3dq41mrr] I thought so too but no it doesn't! Unless you're used to getting up to pee at 4 and then just staying up til 9! I used to sleep on a double duvet folded over, it was great for supporting the bump and kept my sides from going numb if I lay on one side too long
Surprisesurprise Posts: 25
I am no where near as bad as you guys.... but and i don't know if it will work, my mum always said if you can't sleep, get out of the bed and go to another one or if you can't do that put the pillows at the bottom of the bed and sleep head to toe. I am not sure how this will work due to physical reasons for not sleeping, because i am not there yet, but it definitely helps when it is your mind that won't shut up (my biggest problem!!) It is like you reset yourself?
MrsScuttle Posts: 407
This is definitely the story of my nights at the moment too.. I get really tired in the evening and go to bed and then I am awake again withing the hour!! waking for hours at a time.. I find reading some small help sometimes..
ructions Posts: 2689
2010Mrs Posts: 991
HI Nothing as bad, I had this insomnia from 24 to 28 weeks, in that Id be awake staring at ceiling as bright as a button. I tried lanendar on my pillow but what I found best was to move to another bed or on the couch and would sleep there, dont know why. Agree with reading too Hpefully it will pass for you!!
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Im not as bad as some of you but cursed from going to the toilet and waking up etc, but this week my mother gave me a v shaped pillow that she had at home and its the best thing ever, I had the long body pillow etc no good. this one is great what ever it is about the shape of it I just sleep better. Might be worth a try they're inexpensive enough. My sister also found drinking a mug of hot milk before she went to bed a great help during pregnancy. Nothing worse than being awake and just dying to sleep x