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Delphinium Posts: 3027
I'm only 17 weeks and already having problems. Size or discomfort isn't even an issue yet, it's just me, I'm a light sleeper anyway. It's the waking for the loo that's killing me. I just can't go back if I wake from around 4 onwards. And my DS is waking a couple of times a night lately too which is not helping. I am dreading late pregnancy as I was terrible last time around just between being heavily pregnant, too hot and having carpal tunnel syndrome. The hands were the worst - I used have to walk around several times a night to ease the pain of it. I really hope I don't get it this time. I never used the long pillow but after having lower back trouble before pregnancy, my physio advised me to sleep with a normal pillow or cushion between my knees to take pressure off my lower back. It does work and I found it helpful in pregnancy too.
JP TO BE Posts: 125
Oh at least i'm not alone! I am 14 weeks pregnant on our first baby and whilst I never was a good sleeper - now i cannot get a decent nights sleep at all. I have read all of the advisories re pillows helping and I have a support pillow. I do the relaxing and downtime, reading, not eating drinking late, obviously i haven't had caffeine or alcohol in 14 + weeks, i head to bed around 10 but am awake by 1/2/3 am and that is me, no more sleep. It is very hard as I am shattered in work every day by noon and cannot do my job properly. i read that 78% of pregnant women suffer insomnia! argh! god......i dont know how i'm going to function - baby brain is right ! :duh: ...
black pearl Posts: 3513
I find the lying awake at night has eased off for me [email protected], but if DD wakes then I simply cannot go back to sleep for hours, so although I start off ok and sleep fine once she wakes thats me for the night, last night she woke @2a, and agin at 3 and then at half 4, I was awake from 2-5am, am wrecked in work today grrrrrrr