Can they tell the sex at 15 week scan?

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Butttons Posts: 812
Hi - I due for my second scan this week in the Rotunda. I'll be exactly 15 weeks then. Do you know if they will be able to tell us the sex of our baby then. DH is dying to find out!!!
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Buttons... I was dying to find out myself on last pregnancy... Doctor was able to tell us on our 16 week scan... but it all depends on which position babs is lying... but it might be possible...good luck with the scan anyway :wv
gemini chica Posts: 2581
We found out at our 14 week scan so definately possible, depending on if babs will flash for you or not!! :o0
Fairywings Posts: 360
At my 13wk scan the gynea said she cldn't tell but that the babys bits (or want for a better word) had not dropped yet but they usually drop between 14-16 weeks fully. So Id say if all is going well then they might be able to tell by 16 wks. Ill hve to wait till my next scan at 25 wks to ask that one, dying to find out this time, but have to fully convince hubby yet.
Butttons Posts: 812
Thanks girls - hopefully we will be able find out this week. If not, I'm sure we can hold out until the next scan :o)ll . It's so exciting. We both think it's a girl (no idea why though!!)yet we keep refering to babs as 'he'/junior - makes no sense at all!!