Can this song be used for humanist ceremony

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Mrs2B40 Posts: 9
Hi guys Just wondering can the song The prayer be used in a humanist ceremony I love this song and really want it at my ceremony Thanks in advance
Sunshine_30 Posts: 89
As far as I am aware you won't be able to use that song as it has religious content/wording. I had my marriage appointment recently and that was the advice given.
Foxxyred Posts: 21
Humanist ceremonies you can have whatever you wish as far as I know. Only civil ceremonies can you not use religious readings or songs.
The Gospel Project Posts: 35
Hi Mrs2B40, Foxxyred is right, you're free to have whatever music you wish during a humanist ceremony - the religious restrictions only reply to civil ceremonies. Hope this helps! Cathy The Gospel Project
San15 Posts: 26
Check with your celebrant just to be sure,I'm almost certain ours said nothing religious can be included in the humanist ceremony