Can you buy Rembo dresses online??

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Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Hi girls, Im just wondering if it's possible to by a rembo dress online? I've been trawling the internet but can't find anything bar one or two on Ebay. Any ideas?
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
bumpidy bump!
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
bump one more time - does anyone know???
Fruitcake Posts: 307
No help here sorry. But they are absolutely fab dresses, I love the website. Best of luck
michelle13 Posts: 290
have you tried they didnt have my dress on website but i emailed them and they sent me back price and picture to confirm its the right dress. good luck! :wv
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
hey michelle13, thanks for posting..I tried that website but can't see anything. I emailed them so I'll see what they say.