Can you eat packet cooked ham?

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23leanne Posts: 761
Just wondering about ham. I know it is recommended to avoid deli meats and other deli foods but what about packet ham such as Denny , Limerick, Galtee etc? Also just checking about cheese! I know that cheddar cheese and other hard cheeses are fine but what about the soft spreadable dairylea that u put on crackers? :thnk
Gingham Posts: 3014
Yeah both are fine as far as I know.. I have eaten loads of spreadable cheese and ham through both of my pregnancies...
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Hi 23Leanne. Any cooked meats are OK including the ones pre-packed. You should just avoid anything that is raw or undercooked. For example Parma Ham is not cooked so you couldn't have that. Your standard cooked meat like Denny or Galtee or similar are absolutely fine. As for the cheeses, the ones that you should avoid are the mould-ripened ones - they have a layer of mould on the outside, like Brie, Camembert, Cooleney, Goat's Cheese. You also should avoid any that have blue mould throught them like Danish Blue and Cashel Blue. When you are told to avoid soft cheeses it is just these ones. The Bries, Camemberts and Blue cheeses and the likes are often made from scratch with unpasteurised milk, especially if they are French so they can pose a risk of listeria. Things like Dairylea, Laughing Cow, Philadelpia etc. are OK because they are processed cheeses and are made from pasteurised milk. HTH!