can you feel your baby

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
if you put your hand on your bump i mean? i think i can quite a lot lately. i'm pretty sure its baby's back i feel either to the left or right of my belly button - its a long curved shape and just now a part of my belly got really hard and i was thinking "oooooh is this a braxton hicks?" so i felt the area and it was rock hard but when i felt the rest of my bump it was the normal soft/medium feeling
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Ya -Baby- my bump often goes off to one side, kinda lopsided :o0 & when I feel it it's really hard & roundy in one area. I always think it's probably either the bum or his/her head! :o0
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
just bumping this back up to see if theres any others that can actually feel parts of their baby through their bump? my baby LOVES sticking his/her bum outwards for a rub and has been at it nonstop today! i can't imagine what its going to be like in another few weeks when (s)he has even less room in there
babyluck Posts: 764
the baby can move a bit still at your stage so you are right it could be back or bum BHicks start getting hard from top down to bottom so sometimes it might be that I love when I can feel a foot or elbow or knee or something!!!