Can you get pregnant outside your fertility time frame

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BlueP Posts: 238
Had to post this under different name as have lots on family on here. Came off pill last month, period arrived 30 days later on 21 December. Had unprotected sex with Hubby last night.... didn't intend to but there you go! A friend told me today that there is very little chance I will get pregnant as it is not my fertile time as I only started my period last week (which only lasted 4 days) I feel my post sounds so silly but you spend years trying not to get pregnant that then you haven't a clue about the facts until the time arrives. We planned to start trying in 6 months, hence coming off the pill but what are my chances based on last night????? Hard to say I know but just looking for your expert opinions.
temperence Posts: 136
I did, when you come off the pill first your cycle could be all over the place. My first real period only lasted 3 days too and I had EWCM on day 10/11 rather then 14 and I got pregnant that week too. Best thing to do is wait until your period is due and take a test, I had no side effects, other then what I'd count as period side effects, I didn't suspect I was pregnant until I took the test.