Can you help me decide on Table Names? Help!!!

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czyz Posts: 29
:wv Hi guys, its not long til my wedding now and I'm trying to pull together table plans and names. I really can't decide on names for the table. My partner is a captain with an airline and I'm a sales manager with an airline and thought that could be a good theme, either aircraft types or airline names. Or I was thinking counties in Ireland and Poland (my partners are originally from there) Your ideas/thoughts appreciated as I'm going mad here!!! O:| O:| O:|
WinterGal Posts: 835
Definitely the names of the airlines and put the people you don't like at the 'Ryanair' table. :o0 Hope your H2B doesn't work for Ryanair :eek
Walking Bump Posts: 2095
I just bumped up a thread on table name suggestions there. Will bump it again.
librocks Posts: 21
What about naming the tables after different airports? :compress
NowGone Posts: 8042
Names of airport - Very unusual.
czyz Posts: 29
Hi Guys, thanks a million. I think we might look at airline names or airport names, really wanted a airline ish theme somewhere!! And don't worry, he doesn't work for Ryanair - its BMI but I like the thought of who to sit at that table, haha!!! :o0 :o0 xxx
jinny Posts: 112
Hi czyz, What about using famous destinations eg New York, Sydney, etc? You could then have a picture of a famous landmark in the city (or a prop) on the table instead of writing the name out. For example, New York = picture: Statue of Liberty prop: a large apple Sydney = picture: Syndey Opera House prop: kangaroo. To keep the 'airport-ish' theme, instead of using the destination names alone you have the following instead: JFK, New York What do you think of this idea?....... Fun?? ......... tacky??? ................ stroke of sheer genius??? :o0 ................. I don't know, but it's another option at least :wv Jinny