can you help me with my bm shoes!!! pleeeassseee

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perfection Posts: 837
hi girls, i had 3bms and now i have 4... i managed to get the 4th dress even though they were end of line... but man am i having trouble getting another pair of shoes!!! i got my 3bms shoes about 4mts ago in tkmaxx...ive tryed everywhere and googled everything i can think of to try get another pair.... the make is "delicious" and there done in us sizes i need a us 7.5...there a wine/red colour, there suedette with thin patent straps across the toes and on the side of the heel part...the heel is patent too and there peeptoe... if anyone has these shoes or knows of anywere and i mean anywere i could get them i would really appricate it... and please if your in a tkmakk anywere in the country would ya keep an eye out for them and pm me asap if u do see them.... heres a pic of them...thank you soooo much[attachment=1:ig34fo37]bm shoes.jpg[/attachment:ig34fo37][attachment=0:ig34fo37]shoes.jpg[/attachment:ig34fo37]
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
OMG! They are high! :eek :eek Gorgeous shoe though! :o)ll